Friday, July 17, 2009

Routine is essential.... least for me it is. When I am off my routine, I feel lost. I have always been the type that function better when I have a routine. It's a very simple routine. Unfortunately, when my routine is thrown off, for example my son being off of school for the summer, I get overwhelmed.

My new routine for the past two weeks has been waking up at 5am in the morning with my husband and going to the gym. It works out because it gives me time to help my son with his scouts and driving him to his various activities through out the day. When my husband gets home from work, we work out again which is between 5pm & 6pm. You probably think it's crazy working out twice a day, but for me it's better than sitting in front of the TV and eating.

Working out has become a distraction from eating. It doesn't get dark until 9pm, so it's a long day and I rather be at the gym working out than being stuck at the house. I lost 3 pounds this week and I'm eating more, but I don't binge. My sweet indulgence is not a piece of cake or a cookie, it's Marsh Mellos Cereal! Think of honey nut cheerios with the tiny colored marshmallows. One cup of that is only 2 points! (I eat it dry w/out milk) It's sweet and it's crunchy & it takes away my sweet cravings.

I have found so many recipes that I want to try out for baking, but I know that if I start baking, I'll be indulging on those baked goods for a week! It's much safer to stay away from baking, at least for now! The past two days my routine has been off because my husband has been working out of the house. He is EVIL, he tempts me to go to the bakery and get a chocolate croissant for breakfast instead of going to the gym in the morning. And I'm weak because I give in, but if you saw the chocolate croissant that this bakery makes, you would too!

The point of this post is that routines will always go off kilter. Nothing will go smoothly. That's just life, it's constantly throwing curve balls at you. The key is how are you going to be able to stay focused on being healthy and getting the exercise you need? When I feel off balance, I am learning to concentrate on what I can do for that day, whether it be drinking lots of water, watching my food portions or finding some way to exercise. It's a perfect day when you can do all three, but when that doesn't happen, try to do ONE good thing for your body that day.

Food for Thought: "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." Mahatma Ghandi


Jenn said...

H.K., you touch on so many good points here!
I also feel that my diet and exercise go off-kilter when my routine gets interrupted. But as you said - routines will ALWAYS get interrupted. It's just life. We have to learn how to handle these interruptions so we stay on track.
Sounds like you've done just that. Mad props to you for working out 2x a day!!
Now tell your hubby to stop it with the chocolate croissants, lol!

Cammy said...

Excellent points all, but especially the one about doing what you CAN when the normal isn't possible. Love that!

Gigi said...

Lots of good sense here. You're right - something will always come along to upset our routines which makes me appreciate the days without drama so much more.

Wendy said...

a routine also helps me stay on track. since my kids have been out of school we sleep in as long as the baby will let us and most of the time i miss my 9 am k box class! but you are is always going to throw us off track.

Anonymous said...

"It's a perfect day when you can do all three, but when that doesn't happen, try to do ONE good thing for your body that day."

That was a great point! Thanks for reminding all of us that one bad moment does not need to snowball into a bad day/week/month!

Thanks :)

Learning to be Less said...

I feel you on routine. I am like a child. I hate to have my routine messed with.

I have been working out multiple times a day. I must say I am loving it.

Kuddos to you!

Patty said...

I love your food for thought quote!

Today, we were working in the garden and I told my husband that there is this other blogger that leaves the most amazing comments on my blog--she can summarize my the point of my post in one or two sentences. And that from now on, I was going to send my post ideas to H.K. and let her wordsmith then! :-) Even when my writing leave something to be desired, you always get my point!

tisha said...

Routines and PLANNING (for me) are essential. Baking can be so relaxing, but so difficult to refrain from tasting. :( You're doing great - as someone else commented...KUDDOS!

kaseybobasey said...

I know exactly what you mean! I am a completely routine person with all aspects of my life and ESPECIALLY with my diet & exercise! Girl, my big move has been messin' my routine up bad!! So, I'm where you are...trying to keep myself grounded!! Good luck and congrats on double workouts! That's awesome! :)

Debbie said...

Thats my problem right now. I've been out of town every other week all summer and it's kicking my butt. For that I'm excited for August so my normal life can start again.