Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stuffing it ALL in

I have a strange relationship with food. There are days when food is like a warm blanket and it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, especially when you eat something starchy and high with carbs.

There are other days where you just don't want to take a look at anything that looks like food. That occurs when you feel bloated. It's the kind of bloated feeling that if you jumped into a pool of water, you wouldn't would float. Who needs a flotation device?

My husband went out and did the grocery shopping (big mistake). He brought back all things salty, fatty, starchy and sweet. When I asked him why he didn't stick to the grocery list, he said the items were on sale. How can I fault him for being so budget conscious? Unfortunately, he bought foods that don't last in the cupboards for very long. They almost always end up right in my stomach!

Oh, how I hate/love food! I stuff myself with food when I'm bored, angry, sad, or depressed. The good news is that my son's friends came over the weekend and I gave them permission to raid the cupboards. (His friends are pretty scrawny, so I didn't feel too bad!) Now, there's nothing tempting in the house to stuff my emotions with...except carrots and celery!

Question of the Day: What kind of techniques do you use to prevent yourself from emotional eating?


Mom on the Run said...

LOL...I am not really sure. I am currently working on that part of my life now!

Cammy said...

What an inspired idea! I need to have a teenager real quick! :)

My coping tool is simply to recognize emotional response eating when it occurs. Usually for me, it's boredom or anger. (When I'm sad, I just crawl into bed.) Now that I know about the boredom/anger thing, I can do a quick check before I snack (again) to question the why of it. If I'm hungry (or if it's a truly small snack, like a couple of strawberries), full speed ahead. If I'm just grazing for the sake of something to do, I go find something ELSE to do. If it's anger, I go do something else and curse a lot. :)

H.K. said...

Mom on the run- I'm still trying to figure it out too, I guess it's a lifelong process!

Cammy- When I'm angry I curse alot too, at least it doesn't involve intaking calories! (lol)