Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shopping for Thanksgiving Dinner

RM and I took the afternoon off from work today,  so we could watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 and do our grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner.
I wasn't able to watch the midnight premiere with my usual Twilight group of friends,  so it was nice to have RM watch the movie with me since he's become a fan of the Twilight movies.
After we watched our matinee movie, it was time to go grocery shopping!
I had a short grocery list, but somehow we went to several grocery stores;
Winco- bakery ingredients (got a lot for great prices), and additional food items for long term food storage
Safeway- produce (taste better than the produce at Winco)
Traders Joes- salad dressing (the only store that carries the brand that I like)
Whole Foods-  take out dinner (they have delicious ready made meals and I don't like to cook on the day that I grocery shop), fresh free range organic turkey (better tasting and healthier than frozen) , and fresh cranberry sauce (one less item to make). 
Tomorrow I do all the food prep work and bake Moe's favorite desserts.  It's going to be a great Thanksgiving!

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