Thursday, August 9, 2012

What doesn't break you.....

(Taken on our plane above Wash. this is what a sunset looks like above the clouds)

RM and I arrived in Washington two days ago.  I'm getting trained on new software for work and RM is here to meet with clients.  After eight days of being on the road with the heat and our home town currently in the triple digit weather, it has been nice to be in Washington where the summer weather is mild.

Though we are not here on vacation- it's a more leisurely pace than the road trip we just came back from.  And I'm getting a lot of rest in between the training!

I was in my hotel room last night thinking how happy and at peace I felt.  And this morning RM said how good it felt to be out here with me.

And then we get a call.

It's the type of call that gives you some news that leaves you feeling like your stomach just got punched in.

How can you concentrate on work with news like that?  It's hard to look at your computer screen when your eyes are always full of tears.

No major illnesses or life threatening disease....only a call that leaves you wondering about the future.

RM left for another meeting.  I'm currently on a break from training.

And I'm hoping that all this,  is some type of mean joke from a bully that has some serious personal issues.

If it isn't....This Too Shall Pass - What doesn't break you, makes you stronger.

1 comment:

wendy said...

Oh dear, I am really wondering what happened that has left you so "worried".
I don't know about the what doesn't break you just makes you stronger......
I guess it TIME
but, since the death of my son I have not felt ONE BIT stronger.
Still have a long way to go I guess.
I hope everything will be ok with you and your family !!!