Saturday, December 31, 2011

Random Pictures of 2011

It has been quite a year- a year of growth, change, & a couple of moves!
Here are some random pics of 2011:

This year has been a year of seeing lots of our extended family. In Spring RM and I were visited by both our brothers and their families. Moe is pictured here with his cousin Will from Southern California.

RM & Moe are pack rats. Not a good thing when you move into a smaller home and storage space is limited. RM made a decision to finally let go of his stuffed gorilla- a present I gave to him for his birthday over 20 years ago. He wasn't happy about it.

My sister Steph gave this to me at the hospital when Moe was born. This clown has been with us since that day. It was smelly & mildewy. And yet Moe was still reluctant to let it go.
Alas, Mr. Clown is no longer with us.

Moe had several trunks of toys & books- he wanted to keep all of them. I told him if he wanted to keep all of them, he would have to pay for the storage unit. It took him several days, but he managed to consolidate all his toys & books to one trunk.
He thinks his future children will appreciate it.

We went on a road trip this past summer. One of the highlights for Moe was visiting the Reality Show, "Pawn Stars" which is aired on the Discovery History Channel. We were surprised to find this line outside the Pawn shop and to discover that the show has fans as far as Italy!

This was the crowd inside the Pawn store. Moe & RM are history buffs which is one of the reasons why both of them love the show. The stars of the show would give a short history lesson on many of the objects brought to the store.

Moe was especially excited visiting the Pawn Shop. He told me, "If this is all we did on this trip and had to go home- I would consider this trip a success."

Since we were staying with my younger brother Fainga and his family in Nevada, my 5 year old niece Taliana invited herself to go with us on our mini excursions.
Despite Taliana's young age, I told my brother that I thought she might have slight memory impairment. She kept calling me, "Auntie what's her face."

Taliana inserted herself into as many pictures as she could.

There she goes again.

This old car is one of the features on the set of "Pawn Stars". RM & Moe loves old cars.

We took my brother and his family out to dinner at our last night there.
His kids loved Moe especially the boys.

My "baby" brother Fainga on the far left with 2 of his 3 kids.
His wife Kanani was taking the picture.

After we visited with my brother, we traveled to Southern California to visit RM's family. It was a family reunion of sorts. RM's nephew Josh was leaving for his mission and many of his family was there to support him.

Here's is the youngest member of RM's family-Baby Lisa.
I think she looks like a lot like RM!

During our short term stay in the Bay Area, RM's cousin Debra came to visit all the way from Fiji. It was a short visit, but I was extremely happy to finally meet the cousin that RM lovingly referred to for many years, as "my favorite cousin Debbie".

I think we logged in many hours of driving to all of Moe's football games. And even when he became injured mid season, we continued coming to the games and show him our support.

RM is already looking forward to another season, especially Moe.

Moe went to a dance competition in Roseville and was excited to meet Dominic Sandoval, a judge on MTV's reality dance competition show, "American's Best Dance Crew."

After many years, I finally found the best chocolate chip cookie recipe! The cookies are big, thick, & chewy- just the way we like them! This holiday season, I have had so much fun cooking different recipes, and baking our favorite desserts.

Overall the year 2011 was a good year, with a few bumps on the road. But I'm looking forward to having 2012 be a better year!

"Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right."


Suzanne said...

What an exciting year you had!! I love seeing all the family pix. I loved watching Dominique on "So You Think You Can Dance!" Fun! Fun! Fun!

wendy said...

Oh my, what a way to end your post...I could seriously SMELL and TASTE thos wonderful cookies.
Fun photos for you year end summary of 2011.
WHY is it soooo hard to let go of those things we hang on to for so long....for sentimental reasons. Your hubby seriously looks distressed (tee,hee)
It's always great to hook up with favorite things to do. Your visits must have been so much fun.
so Auntie whats your face.........I enjoyed this.
(my hubby watches Pawn Wars too)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. It is so good to get caught up with you and your life. I could totally go for one of those cookies right this instant ; )

Lisa said...

great year end review! :)

wendy said...

HA HA...I had YOU laughing out loud..
WELL, you had ME laughing out loud
with your name
"she who has a butt the size of a buffaloe"
(or whatever that was) FUNNY.

sometimes you have to laugh at the really HARD things of life. My lifes experiences are quite unique.
I am NOT PROUD of 3 marriages. and THIS will be my last (hope)
I do not take marriage lightly, sacred vow, I know all that
but my life has been a circus sometimes.
love ya

septembermom said...

What a great way to remember all the fun in the past year! Moe is such a handsome young man. Love that smile. Great pictures. You may have to send me that chocolate chip cookie recipe. They look good!!!!