Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

A long standing Christmas tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my family. For many years we would go to my mother's home for Christmas Eve dinner, but in the past couple of years, Christmas Eve has been held at my sister Steph's home.

I know my mother would have loved to continue to host Christmas Eve at her home, but her health isn't what it used to be. And since we live farther away from her, my sister's home is the best midway point for everyone.

A Christmas Eve tradition- open stockings before dinner. The stocking gifts are usually from my mother and the boys always look forward to the fun and silly gifts.

Moe and my nephew Tommy are the only "youngsters" in our family.

(My sister steph, her husband Eddy, their son Tommy and my sister's stepson Nao. My mother, family friend Lisa, and brother in law David)
A Christmas Eve feast.

We usually save the gifts from us to Moe, to be opened on Christmas morning. But on this Christmas Eve we made an exception. Moe was shocked and extremely happy when he opened one of his gifts and found a brand spanking new ukulele!

A new Christmas Eve tradition- playing Christmas music.

Not pictured is RM playing the piano. My brother in law Eddy on guitar. Moe on the ukulele. And somewhere in there, my sister Steph and I provided the vocals- most of the time we were on key.

Moe and my nephew Tommy are completely different in personalities and that's what makes them such good friends.

It was a fun Christmas Eve celebration filled with food, gifts, love, & laughter. I hope that this Christmas Eve tradition continues for a very long time.


Life with Kaishon said...

That looks like it was such a fun time. Family is the best, isn't it?

septembermom said...

Lots of fun. I can almost hear the laughter from all these pics. Thanks for sharing!