Friday, October 9, 2009

Surviving the flu season

I have been a real slacker posting in this blog & keeping up reading your blogs! I'm going to use this weekend to catch up on your blogs and get inspired. I have been sick with the flu and as a result lost 10 pounds. I'm sure most of it was just water weight, but my jeans are baggy on me! Having the flu isn't a great way to lose weight, but the great thing that came out of it is that I lost the taste for sweets & greasy food.

I have had to eat very small portions of food and chew slowly because when I eat too fast or eat too much, I start coughing really badly and end up throwing it up! What's so weird is that it happens during the evenings when I'm eating dinner. I NEVER feel hungry in the evenings for the past two weeks, but I make myself eat something and when I do, I end up losing my dinner. And no, I'm not pregnant.

I'm going to try eating a fruit or a few crackers for dinner instead of a meal even if I'm not hungry. As a result of not eating dinner, I wake up in the morning EXTREMELY hungry. It's the kind of hunger that wakes you up and makes your stomach hurt unless you put something in it. It's no wonder that I wake up hungry because the last meal I eat is at noon.

I want to feel 100% percent better and the lingering effects of the flu is tiring. It has thrown my sleeping pattern off, I sleep a lot during the day because I'm always tired and then I can't sleep at night. I really feel like I'm going to barf if I drink one more cup of herbal tea and my sense of smell has intensified. I don't like the smell of soap, any type of soap and I open up all the windows in the house because I can smell EVERYTHING. And I don't want to get into the smell of my husband and son. I have to hold my breath when I hug them, it's so sad.

There are moments when I feel energetic and I take advantage of those times. I cook, clean, or run errands and then I get a wave of nausea, and then I'm back to bed! I cannot wait to get better! We had some friends of ours visit us from the S.F. Bay Area last weekend and they took pictures and posted it on Facebook. I looked awful! I felt good physically, but I looked so pale & sickly! I like Facebook, but I hate it when people post pics of you that aren't flattering.

Anyway, I feel like each day I'm getting better and I hope to be posting, reading, & commenting on your blogs more regularly. Have a great weekend!

Food for thought: "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired."
sorry couldn't think of an inspiring quote!


Katie J said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Stephanie said...

The flu really stinks. It's the worst. And you are POSITIVE you aren't pregnant. When you mentiond smelling everything, it reminded me of being pregnant. Keep up the good work. I'm so proud of you!!

Wendy said...

yeah, are you sure you are not pregnant? congrats on your weight loss! and i hope you feel better soon!

Miz said...

mom of the year here needs to get her arse and her childs arse to get a flu shot.

hope youre on the mend.

Jenn said...

Ugh, sounds terrible. I hope you're much better soon!

Gigi said...

I hope you're better soon! Take good care of yourself and let us know when you're back at it.