Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still here...barely - Day 16

I survived the PMS blues, but I'm still on my period and have gone through one of the worst menstrual cramps. I take Tylenol and all it does is take the edge off. It was so bad the other night, I didn't go to bed until very late because it seemed the cramps got worse when I was lying down.

Sorry for being so graphic, but my menstrual flow tends to be so heavy that I get too self-conscious going to the gym, I'm afraid some unexpected spots may appear on my work out clothes! Besides, I tend to get really bad headaches and I'm extremely tired when I'm on my period.

So, it's a Thursday and I have yet to work out. However, I have not overate on anything! My food choices aren't great, but I'm still aware of portion control. Okay, I messed up Monday night! I have to admit, I ate two small cheeseburgers, I was CRAVING it! But, as one bloggy friend pointed out it's NOT the END of the world. And that statement helped me get through the week, rather than beating myself for it.

At the same time, I need to be honest. If I go through another week like this, I will not be losing weight and that's the goal. So, my goal today is to get more sleep, I'm still getting headaches, continue to portion control, journal what I eat, drink more water and go to the gym with my husband tonight.

Food for Thought: "Aspirations can cure headaches." Robert Half


Gigi said...

Who can ever say no to the cheeseburger?! I lurve them and now you've got me craving. I hope the cramps ease up and you're back to your old self soon. It's so hard to stay focused when you're PMSing. The good news is you're still conscious of portions - I am in awe.

fatty McButter Pants said...

I hate female problems. I wish I could just mine cut out. I loved the comments you made on the crazy cox blog. Sounds like you are doing ok food wise...keep drinking your H2O. Have a great night sleep.

Wendy said...

Are you able to take motrin? Motrin seems to be better for mentrual cramps than tylenol...if they are really bad, try taking 800 mg every 8 hours.......but no more than that! you can overdose yourself! and i am not a doctor or anything but that is what works for me. that is also the dose we give to our post partum moms with cramping pain... and I wouldn't take that dose for more than a week. anyway, sounds like you are working hard, we all have our slip was my moms bday and i had cake and ice cream even though i didnt have any points for them....i was a bad bad bad girl....and now i have to be really good for the rest of the week if I want to see a loss on the scale!

Seini Photography said...

Wow, I'm impressed HK! How do you manage all your blogs? Talk about multitasking:) I think I need to join your bandwagon here and accomplish some of my weight loss goals!